Join live, online, group sessions

for ME, CFS, FM, ES, Long COVID and chronic pain.

Hosted by Dr. Stein and her mentors

If you have tried everything without success,
our professionally developed courses are for you. 

Live! with Dr. Stein

75-minute live sessions held on Zoom every other Thursday at 11 am MT

What will you gain from Live! with Dr. Stein

  • credible, science-based, and cutting-edge information about how to live healthier and longer
  • a safe, supportive, and welcoming community for people with complex chronic diseases
  • 75-minute live sessions with Dr. Stein every other Thursday at 11am MT
  • subscription-based membership: subscribe and unsubscribe when you wish
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Neuroplasticity in Action (NIA)

For alumni and students of the Healing Through Neuroplasticity self-study course

What will you gain from the NIA mentorship

  • learning how to tailor your neuroplasticity practice to your needs
  • experiential learning and demonstration of techniques
  • connection, validation, and support from other participants
  • a renewed sense of motivation and hope
  • a chance to ask your questions about neuroplasticity
  • 24/7 access to the Neuroplasticity in Action Community

Healing Through Neuroplasticity is a pre-requisite for NIA.

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Pathways in Action (PIA)

For alumni and students of the Pathways to Improvement self-study course

What you will gain from the PIA mentorship:

  • help putting Pathways to Improvement into Action
  • guidance on how to do, understand, and benefit from symptom charting
  • discussion about implementing new ideas / habits
  • connection, validation, and support from other participants
  • a chance to ask questions about self-management
  • 24/7 access to the Pathways in Action Community

Pathways to Improvement is a prerequisite for Pathways in Action.

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