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Pathways to Improvement
Live! with Dr. Stein
Healing Through Neuroplasticity

 Live! with Dr. Stein

"I am very pleased with Dr. Stein's Live! It has allowed me to let go of constantly researching. It gives me so much more time to implement strategies. I am really enjoying the leading-edge research that is provided." - Charlene

"It's great how Dr. Stein stops frequently to address questions in the chat and that she summarizes action items at the end of the session notes so they are easy to find." - Anne 

"So much useful information was shared in these sessions. EXCEEDED my expectations and hopes." - Athina 

"Thanks for the handouts ahead of the presentations; they are excellent!" - Dr. Suzanne Barnes

"I like how you address the chat discussions on top of what you are presenting. These are extra nuggets of information you can get by watching live! Everything is great - enjoying the series so far! Thank you!!" - Tanya

Healing Through Neuroplasticity

"I am now able to get out more without crashing and I have high hopes for a full recovery using neuroplasticity techniques." - Kelsang 

"For me, pacing was the important foundation, working with neuroplasticity to change my outlook and experience, and then incorporating sleep work and dietary changes, which greatly reduced my daily brain fog." - Barbara

"When we were first diagnosed, we were told we had this for life, it was incurable, and nothing can be done. But your course shows that we can change this, we are more in control, through neuroplasticity, 'I live with illness' does not have to be my belief forever. I can change my reality." - Fiona

"I appreciate the amount of thought and detail that has gone into the course. I like the format and pacing, and Dr. Steins' delivery is perfect. I have trouble concentrating but stay focused when she is speaking. The content in the slides is just right. I often stop the video to read the slide first and absorb the information. I like that. The workbook: Amazing detail and helpful links, easy to follow." - Kathy

 Pathways to Improvement

"You saved my life with your Pathway program. That is not an exaggeration. I was largely living in a boom and bust cycle, frantically searching for ways to boost energy and find a miracle cure. That was the road to total exhaustion. Your combination of research-based advice, helpful lifestyle changes, and connections with other people suffering from ME/CFS was so powerful and instrumental in me taking a new direction." - Ed

"I continue to see improvements in my sleep. I feel like I am learning how to recover when I don’t feel well, and I am learning to stop at the first sign of fatigue. I am also learning my triggers. Big meals is one for me, your recommendation to have smaller meals is making a difference. Baby steps, but I believe I am on a 'pathway to improvement.'" - Charlene

“Learning about things that can have an impact on my health and how I am able to stay within my energy envelope was greatly helpful. The charting helped to see patterns and how to make changes that would benefit me.” - Morgan

"I have been able to improve my medical condition after closely monitoring what is important for me to do to avoid flare-ups.” - Anonymous

"What I learned from you/your course really helped me to deal with this crisis better. It helped me be compassionate, patient, calm, and be there for the person without judgment. Thank you for that, Dr. Stein." - Jane


Neuroplasticity In Action

“My thinking is more positive, and I have new tools that continue to improve it.” - Suzanne 

"I’ve refocused on learning the strategies and have developed some tools to help me implement them. I am now using the strategies without realizing it, experiencing better moods and less catastrophizing. (I've seen) physical improvement too—better recovery time.” - Rubina

"The implementation community circle helps us know each other more quickly than just on Zoom. The connection is earlier and makes me more comfortable to share.” - Tanya

Pathways in Action

"Even though it seems like there is little change day by day, tweaking something can make a difference over time. I noticed while charting my diet that some days, I had an intake of very few calories. I don't have the feeling of hunger very much. But with tracking my eating, I tried to stay more on a regular schedule and eat a bit more so I have more energy. With activity tracking, I noticed I really only had a few productive hours each day. Update: I continue to chart, try the variety of tools I’ve learned in class, and work at it on a daily basis."  - Tanya

"The support I felt through the Pathways to Improvement and the Mentor-led Study Groups (now called Pathways in Action) really helped me mentally. It was a place where I felt understood. Knowing that I was not battling this alone was helpful for me, and hearing how others had improved was very encouraging. Sleep and exercise tolerance have been my biggest improvements, and I am functioning much better because of it." - Charlene

"I'm learning from others' experiences, and that helps me decide which of the many options I want to try next. I have been using breathing exercises, monitoring my heart rate with a Fitbit, and using the Diamond of Awareness to become aware of the connection between thoughts, sensations, emotions, and actions." - Karen

"After about 11 months of nightly CBTI practice, I can fall asleep, free of sleep aids. My worries about falling asleep have been replaced by a curiosity about when I will drift off, all while feeling calm and comfortable. Just a year ago, I dreaded the end of the day—lying in bed, endlessly worrying about how long it would take to drift off as my body ached. That's over. Thanks, Dr. Stein and Amanda!" - Ed 

"I have experienced an improvement in my energy levels since January. Have been able to gradually increase my steps from 3,000 to 6,000 daily." - Alison

"I'm now signed up for a second session of PIA and am looking forward to more progress. I had 2 goals when I started the Pathways in Action group, to become more calm and less reactive, and to reach out to more people in my former world. I improved both and found the skills were extremely helpful. PIA gave me new tools to achieve these goals." - Suzanne

Pathway 3: Sleep

 “When I started charting my sleep patterns, pain, and fatigue, all of a sudden, my life made more sense." - Anonymous

"I think I am improving in my ability to fall asleep and have fewer wake-ups through the night. I recently also moved to sleep at night in another quieter and darker room. I am starting to sleep right through the night at least once or twice a week." - Tanya

Comments about Dr. Stein

“I have had chronic fatigue, major depression, and multiple chemical sensitivities for 51 years. Thanks to Dr. Stein's programs—my MCS is probably 75% better (I can actually go places), I very rarely have migraines, I am sleeping so much better, I am much better."

"Dr. Stein has helped me and so many others achieve better health through her courses. I am so grateful to her for choosing to spend her time helping us to improve." - Jane

“My experiences in Dr. Stein’s groups I have attended include the opportunity to encounter a non-judgmental, supportive, accepting, encouraging community and body of knowledge.”

“Knowing that I was not alone was of great help.”

“Dr. Stein’s kindness and compassion towards us created an atmosphere of safety and trust.”

“The atmosphere she creates during the sessions is professional, friendly, and comfortable, with plenty of time for questions and discussion.”

I'm so proud of myself for managing the fibro as well as I have over the past few months. I had major surgery at the end of March, and my biggest fear was going into a fibro flare.

With the learning I've done, mainly through your program, I was well-equipped to prevent as many symptoms as I could manage.

I had one God-awful flare that was contained within a few hrs, but I got back on track very quickly once my surgical pain was controlled.

So yeah...I'd like to share that win with your community.

I'm so proud of you and YOUR achievements...you are so inspiring, and I am truly indebted to you for my own improved quality of life.

Probably should have saved all that for the website....oh well. Lol. I hope my words find Dr. Stein and she can read them.

Cheers and thanks!