Recommended Practitioners

Assessment and Treatment of ME, CFS, Fibromyalgia, Environmental Sensitivity, Long COVID and Chronic Pain.

The ETeam as it currently exists as an integrated, multidisciplinary assessment team is closing on Dec 31, 2022, and is not accepting referrals.

However, the individual team members are continuing to offer their specialized, disease-specific assessments.

  • Their mission is to objectively measure function and dysfunction in clients with these difficult-to-diagnose conditions.
  • The assessments determine a profile of strengths and weaknesses and provide therapeutic suggestions to assist clients to achieve better health.

Below are the names, qualifications, services offered, and prices for each of the ETeam members.


 New practitioners are coming forward offering their services to our community.

As your scroll down you will see a list of "Recommended Practitioners". I have been working with them to develop disease and experience-specific offers for our community. To make it onto this list, the therapists must meet three criteria:

1. Have excellent skills in their field of training.

2. Have lived experience with one of the diseases of the community.

3. Have recovered enough themselves to be able to help others.

Former ETeam Practitioners

Dr. Allan Mandel, R. Psych. is a registered psychologist and Adjunct Associate Professor in the Clinical Psychology Department at the University of Calgary. He is President of Mandel & Associates, a firm which specializes in disability-related psychological assessments, and he has decades of clinical experience assessing people with various kinds of disabilities. He is well-versed in the cognitive issues that may accompany ME/CFS, FM, and ES and has developed a specific battery of psychometric tests designed to detect and describe illness-related cognitive deficits. The focus of his assessment will be on cognitive functions such as attention and concentration, word-finding ability, mental processing speed, learning and remembering, and executive functioning skills.

The cost of an individualized cognitive assessment and a detailed report is $1950.

Allan Mandel

Cory Fagan, MSc is a kinesiologist and owner of TCR Sport Laboratory in Calgary. Although Cory’s primary clientele are athletes, he has a background and interest in chronic illness including cancer survivors and patients with ME/CFS and FM. Incremental Blood Lactate testing assists patients in determining their anaerobic threshold and exercise capacity. Cory provides recommendations for incremental training based on individual capacity. Cardiopulmonary Exercise testing is the gold standard to determine exercise capacity. It is possible to objectively measure whether someone has given a maximal effort. These results cannot be faked. Clients can attend a traditional one-day test or the specialized two-day exercise test protocol. The two-day protocol, if positive, offers confirmation of post exertional malaise the core symptom of ME/CFS. 

The 2-Day Cardiopulmonary Assessment (2-Day CPET) – includes 2 cardiopulmonary exercise tests, hemoglobin and lactate measures, and a detailed written report of findings and training recommendations. The cost is $700.

Cory Fagan

Dr. Anne Woolliams, Au.D. is an audiologist experienced in evaluating the function of the auditory-vestibular system which is one of the systems within the body most sensitive to toxins. These organs may show signs of significant destruction before any other signs of toxicity may be seen. She measures hearing thresholds (the softest sounds which can be heard) which determines the functioning of the cells within the inner ear and how effectively sound is transmitted from the inner ear to the level of the brainstem. Dr. Wooliams has recently added treatment for tinnitus to her list of services. She is the only provider of this service in Western Canada. 

Costs of various services vary from $95 - 250.

Anne Woolliams

Chris Rozell, MC RPsych and Sohel Shivji BSc, MPsy RPsych are registered Psychologists trained by Dr. Stuart Donaldson with a keen interest in interpretation of QEEGs and helping people function better. Dr. Donaldson was a recognized expert in QEEG and Brain Biofeedback. He published research on Electromyography (EMG) in Fibromyalgia and chronic pain. 

Myosymmetries offers:

Quantitative EEG (QEEG) Brain Map: QEEG is a form of assessment which measures the electrical activity of the brain in specific locations. The goal is to determine the type and level of activity at each location and measure the degree of connectivity between locations. With this objective information, one can gain improved understanding of a person’s functioning, and can potentially explain symptoms that an individual experiences.

Psychophysiology Stress Testing: Using the Thought Technology system, we monitor an individual’s heart rate, breathing rate, sweat response, muscle responses, and temperature while they complete a number of exercises that are designed to be challenging. The level of each physiological response provides us with objective evidence that may relate to symptoms and can provide clear goals to make treatment more efficient/effective.

The cost of a Quantitative EEG – includes QEEG exam with eyes open and eyes closed, analysis of function and connectivity, and written summary of findings and treatment recommendations is $845. A QEEG written report is $170/hour, and typically takes 1-2 hours to prepare.     

Cory Fagan

Dr. Diana Monea, O.D. FAAO, is an optometrist with a special interest in assessing the effects of toxic exposure, ME/CFS and FM on vision. A complete eye-health assessment is followed by a visual consultation with digital documentation of the corneal map for dryness, retinal photos for signs of eye disease, refractive testing, visual field measurement to determine any visual loss, and a test for color vision changes.

The cost of a complete eye exam is $165.

Diana Monea


Marie-Ève Bonneau, MC, CCC
Psychotherapist and Initiation Guide,  Canadian Certified Counsellor

Marie-Ève specializes in working with spiritual seekers, individuals recovering from chronic health conditions, highly sensitive people, and those ready to transform trauma into meaning and purpose. She is passionate about helping people reframe challenges into potent growth opportunities and support them in accessing light in the darkness.  She herself lived for over a decade with a devastating chronic illness that continually brought her past the edge of everything she thought she knew and now works with individuals in Canada and beyond who are ready to ask themselves the bigger questions of life and reconnect with their inner truth and clarity.  
Marie-Ève offers One-on-One Soul-centered Psychotherapy as well as Group Experiences in person in Calgary and online.

Clients report feeling more authentic, clear, and resourced after our work together. They experience a homecoming to their essence and authentic self. While some clients experience tangible improvements and greater well-being, others are amazed to find a deeper sense of acceptance with things as they are. I recommend committing to a series of sessions to receive the most value and benefit.

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Kelli Franklin, MScPT, BScHK

With a background in physiotherapy and personal training, Kelli strives to help her patients improve their quality of life. Whether it be from physical injuries, mental stress, chronic illness/conditions, general aches and pains, or a desire to improve fitness, her goal is to work with you to overcome any obstacles impeding your state of health and well-being.

Through years of clinical experience and continuing education, Kelli has developed skills and knowledge in a variety of areas of the musculoskeletal system. She also has lived experience as a patient with Long Covid and ME/CFS and from that has become especially interested in helping patients navigate similar life-altering interruptions.

She is passionate about empowering her patients to play an active role in their journey with her, so believes strongly in patient education. Equally important to her therapy, is that every patient is unique and deserves an individualized approach to their treatment plan. In sessions with Kelli, you will be met with empathy, compassion, and validation, and will undoubtedly share a few laughs!

She is available for both virtual and in-person therapy to accommodate what suits you best. Treatment with her may include education, advice on pacing/heart rate monitoring, home exercises, manual therapy, functional dry needling, breathing retraining or more. But first and foremost, she is here to listen to your story.

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Other Resources

Lindsay Vine

Lindsay has a Masters degree in Public Health. She is a resource who has lived experience with CFS and who has fully recovered. She refers to herself as a CFS Programs Navigator which means she devotes her time and energy to helping people with ME/ CFS, long Covid and other system sensitivity disorders determine the best online program or path to recovery for them. She lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Her and Liz Carlson (Heal with Liz on YouTube) recently released a CFS Recovery Programs Guide (audio version included). This guide is packed with info to help you on your recovery journey. All the details on what the guide includes and how to purchase is at

She is also the co-host of the acclaimed Post Viral podcast @postviralpodcast with Stuart Bryan; available wherever you get podcasts!



You can check out her services at and follow her on instagram at @CFSPrograms Navigator.

Lindsay's website
lindsay vine CFS Program Navigator