A Journey from ME, CFS, FM, and ES to
Tuktoyaktuk, Antarctic, and Beyond

Sometimes pictures are worth 1000 words. Since January 2023, I’ve visited some of the earth’s most far-flung places and have dipped my toes in both the Antarctic and Arctic oceans. I am living, traveling proof that what I offer in my courses and on my website can help you get back to living the life you desire.

Practicing self-management and neuroplasticity strategies have made my travels possible. These tools and strategies have helped me recover from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME, CFS), fibromyalgia (FM), and environmental sensitivities (ES).

Something like traveling may seem like a huge hurdle. Whatever your dream is, I want to help you get there. I offer these photos as inspiration and hope that you can work toward and achieve your own dreams.

In December 2022, I retired from my medical practice so that I would have more time to do things I enjoy but had put off. I was already skilled at delayed gratification and then, falling chronically ill, plans for fun were pushed farther and farther into the future and sometimes seemed out of reach entirely. Maybe you can relate! 

When I retired, I committed to changing that lifelong tendency. 

I’ve always enjoyed travel and nature. Travel means seeing amazing things and meeting interesting people, but it also means challenges, such as getting too hot, too cold, too tired, and bitten by too many bugs. You get the picture! 

When I travel, though, the awe and the challenges keep me firmly in the present moment. So, travel offers some perfect opportunities to notice my habitual tendencies and to practice responding differently — neuroplasticity in hyper-drive. I’ve shared these opportunities in hopes of motivating and inspiring others in videos on Facebook and YouTube. If you can relate, please comment and share. 

My fifth trip is going to be to travel Canada and the United States starting in May 2024.

It has been my dream for  15 years to circumnavigate Canada and the US clockwise, moving with the good weather. Now it is a reality.

My fourth trip was to Rwanda in September and October 2023. It was cut a bit short but still an amazing experience.

Photos of the Day

My third trip was in my home country. In July and August 2023, I visited Haida Gwaii, BC, and Tuktoyaktuk, NWT. 

Photos of the Day

My second trip was into
the Western US in April to June 2023.

Photos of the Day

My first post-retirement trip was to
the Antarctic in January and February 2023.

Antarctic Presentation