My Photographic Adventures

In December 2022, I retired from my medical practice so that I would have more time to do things I enjoy but chose to put off due to work and other responsibilities - things that in the moment seemed more important. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in chronically putting off enjoyment. I was already pretty skilled at delayed gratification and then, falling chronically ill, plans for fun were pushed farther and farther into the future and sometimes seemed out of reach entirely.

When I retired, I committed to changing that life long tendency.

I have always enjoyed travel, especially to beautiful nature destinations. In addition to seeing amazing things and meeting interesting people, travel brings challenges - one gets too hot, too cold, too tired, bitten by too many bugs, you get the picture. For me at least, when traveling the awe and the challenges keep me firmly in the present moment. It is the perfect opportunity to notice my habitual tendencies and practice responding differently - neuroplasticity in hyper-drive.

As I travel, I'm sharing both the beautiful sights (the awe) and some of the challenges I'm experiencing to in the hope they may inspire and motivate. I share the photos here and some of the challenges and the lessons I've taken from them on my Facebook page and Youtube channel. If you can relate please comment and share.

Please click on the pictures below and join me on my photographic adventures!


My first post-retirement trip was to
the Antarctic in Jan-Feb, 2023.

  Please click on the button below to view the zoom presentation I gave after my trip.

Antarctic Recording

My second trip was down to
the Western US in April - June, 2023.

I started a 'Photo of the Day' website to showcase the moments of awe I captured on camera.

Click below to check it out.

Photos of the Day

My third trip was in my home country in July - August 2023. 

To see pictures from this trip please click below.

Haida Gwaii, BC 

Photos of the Day

Stay tuned for pictures from my next trip to Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

It will focus on nature (mountain gorillas in Rwanda and the wildebeest migration in Maasai Mara in Kenya) and culture (the ancient palaces and Christian churches in Ethiopia). 

My trip will be from mid September to mid October. I will be travelling with my mother and we will have limited internet opportunities, so I may not post photos until I’m back.

My focus will be living in the moment and soaking in the sites as I encounter them.

I am a person with lived experience and understand how large a hurdle this may seem to be. Below are the courses that I created with the tools and strategies that helped me get back to traveling and can help you get back to living that life you want to live.

  • Pathways to Improvement – a comprehensive self-study, online course teaching lifestyle modification to help people with ME/CFS, FM, ES and Long COVID recover their health and their lives. Live group support led by mentors with lived experience is starting soon to help people dive deeper and improve health further.
  • Healing Through Neuroplasticity: Pathways to Pain-Free Living  a comprehensive self-study, online course teaching how to use neuroplasticity-based practice to rewire the brain and reverse chronic pain.
  • Education and Support - subscription-based membership to start in the spring of 2024. Each 90-minute session, held every second week, may include a short educational talk on tips and strategies to improve health, emerging research, Q&A and a breakout to discuss the topic and connect with other subscribers. I will host most of the sessions and will invite other experts to discuss topics of interest to the membership.