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Let Your Light Shine Through Manual coverIn this manual Dr. Stein shares the strategies that she has found to be the most successful for patients in her ME/CFS, FM, ES and Long COVID practice.

Readers are guided through a 286 page, 4-month program specific to these conditions. Let Your Light Shine Through is filled with management suggestions, tools, and resources.

Mission: better health.

The eManual is a downloadable PDF. You are encouraged to print many copies of the chart/tools as you require for personal use. These tools will set you on the path to improved health.

Paperback copies of the Manual are available in Black & White and Color Coil-Bound versions. Please use the free downloadable "Charts and Tools" PDF to print extra copies of the charts for your personal use.



Manual Contents 286 pages

  • Cover and Manual Information (5 pg)
  • Introduction (14 pg)
  • Session 1 – Laying the Foundation (28 pg)
  • Session 2 – Sleep Management (22 pg)
  • Session 3 – Activity, Pacing, and the Autonomic Nervous System (27 pg)
  • Session 4 – Coping With Chronic Illness (25 pg)
  • Session 5 – Management of Diet and Gastrointestinal Symptoms (26 pg)
  • Session 6 – Lowering the Toxic Load (19 pg)
  • Session 7 – Pain Management (23 pg)
  • Session 8 – Depression and Anxiety (25 pg)
  • Session 9 – Common Treatments (26 pg)
  • Conclusion – Putting It All Together (8 pg)

Charts and Tools:

  • Adapted Karnofsky Energy Rating Scale
  • Functional Capacity Scale
  • Sleep Chart
  • Sleep Chart Adapted for Mood Activity
  • Log Diet Diary
  • Activity and Symptoms Chart

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