What Causes Chronic Pain?

Jun 29, 2023

The underlying premise of Healing Through Neuroplasticity is that persistent pain is a biomedical condition caused by measurable changes in the structure and function of the central nervous system. The changes are caused by neuroplasticity, the brain’s constant remodeling to adapt to circumstances and environment. Although impacted by the mind, persistent pain is not a psychological or psychosomatic condition.

Healing occurs through the intentional, repeated application of neuroplasticity-based tools to reverse the changes that caused the persistent pain to develop in the first place. To be successful, you have to change your life (thoughts, feelings, and behaviors) on a consistent basis to teach your brain that pain is no longer necessary.

Purposeful change requires practicing being the new you for about 1 hour/per day. If you cannot make this commitment at present, I recommend waiting to register for Healing Through Neuroplasticity until you are more able to make this learning and practice a priority. Neuroplasticity is not magic, your brain only rewires if you work at it.

You will learn to reverse the underlying cause of your pain and return your biology to its essential, protective function. 


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