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Recording of Information Session February 1, 2024

In this webinar, Dr. Stein explained:

  • Purpose of Live! with Dr. Stein
  • Who this program is intended for
  • Benefits of Live! with Dr. Stein
  • The NEW Live! with Dr. Stein online platform
  • Answers to questions from the attendees

A very international audience attended this session including people from:

Australia;      Brooklyn, NY;     Mexico;     Tampa, Florida;      Johnstown, CO USA;     London, UK;      Friday Harbor, BC;     Colorado, USA;     Cyprus;     Ecuador,  South America;      New Jersey, USA;    Norway;     Long Island; NY;    Scotland;     Seal Beach, CA;     Ottawa, Ontario;     St. Thomas, Ontario;    Cochrane / Calgary / Edmonton, Alberta;      Coronation, Alberta;      Manitou, Manitoba;     West Kelowna, BC;   Northern British Columbia;     Red Deer, Alberta;     Regina, Saskatchewan

Thank you everyone for listening and for your great questions.

Here are comments from the attendees of the information session

They have been great at helping.

Great info session! Streamlined, clear, helpful session.

Love what the plan is.

I told my Dr that Dr Stein is still offering courses privately and he still is going to continue to endorse her.

I like that hybrid approach - definitely helps with managing energy and access to the info still.

Thank you for the session. I'm signing up. :)

I can see these live sessions being absolutely beneficial to supporting the learning in Healing through Neuroplasticity!  I'm excited about joining up to the live subscription.

Dr. Stein, you are so patient with those of us who can't keep info/thoughts straight.  So grateful for your help, have already, in 2 wks. taking Pathways to Improvement, improved my positivity and gained much hope through information and feeling supported.  Much thanks.

This is such amazing opportunity and very generous of you in your retirement- thank you!!

Based on my experience with Dr. Stein over the last few years, I would encourage everyone to join!

Join Live! with Dr. Stein

  • A safe, supportive, and welcoming community for people with chronic, complex diseases 
  • A place to get credible, science-based, and cutting-edge information about how to live healthier and longer
  • Subscription-based membership
  • 75-minute live sessions every other Thursday at 11 am MT

should subscribe to this membership?

  • People with chronic health conditions, including ME, FM, environmental sensitivities, Long COVID, chronic pain, and more
  • People who are falling through the cracks of the healthcare system
  • People who can’t find the information they need elsewhere
  • People who want to play an active role to live healthier and longer lives
  • Lifelong learners 

What you will learn:

  • Self-management strategies—how to improve energy, sleep, diet, toxins, pain, and emotions
  • Disease-specific research updates
  • The 12 hallmarks of aging—how to live a healthier and longer life
  • Mindset effect on health and life goals
  • Hormesis and metabolic signaling—how to optimize how the body functions
  • All new material—not repeating self-study course content unless requested
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