The Powerful Connection between Our Brain, Danger, and Chronic Pain

May 04, 2023

This blog post is associated with a free assessment designed to help you figure out the probability of your chronic pain being caused by neuroplasticity, and therefore being reversible.

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Can the Brain Cause Chronic Pain? — The Assessment and the Science

Now that you have completed the assessment and have your Neuroplasticity Pain Score, you'll find the additional information in this blog post useful to help you understand how your brain causes pain and associated symptoms.

All 13 symptoms in the assessment are suggestive of a brain that thinks it is in danger. The scientific term for this is “central sensitization.” Central sensitization occurs due to neuroplasticity, the brain’s constant adaptation to lived experience.


What Does Neuroplastic Pain Feel Like?

If you checked off any of the 13 Neuroplastic Pain symptoms, this is excellent news!

It means that your pain is caused by your ever-changing brain. Whatever neuroplasticity causes, neuroplasticity can heal. This means you may be able to fully heal from chronic pain, become more active, and get back to the life you dream of.

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How to Get Rid of Neuroplastic Pain?

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People who are having success

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The information in the symptom explanations is taken from multiple sources and from clinical experience. A primary source is:

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