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Why is this webinar important?

It is because the symptoms of chronic Lyme disease overlap and share so much similarity with the symptoms of things like ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivities, and Long COVID, that there's always been a little bit of confusion for people that have chronic pain, chronic fatigue, un-refreshing sleep, and post-exertional malaise as to what is the root cause, or what is really underlying the disease.

In this presentation, Dr. Marty Ross shows how to manage chronic tick-borne infections like Lyme disease and co-infections using lifestyle changes, herbal medicines and supplements you can find on your own.

This talk is for people living with chronic tick-borne infections like Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia, or related conditions like mold toxicity, fibromyalgia, myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, long COVID, or chronic intestinal yeast overgrowth. **Keep in mind many people diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia may have tick-borne infections as the root cause.

In this session, you will learn the following:

  • The key steps to managing chronic tick-borne infections. HINT: getting well requires much more than herbal or prescription antibiotics.
  • The key self-help steps in the Ross Lyme Support Protocol,
  • Key lifestyle management strategies for diet, exercise, and sleep
  • The best supportive herbal medicines for adrenal and thyroid function, detox, inflammation and pain control, and healthy intestinal function
  • Herbal and prescription antibiotics and antifungals to remove tick-borne infections and intestinal yeast overgrowth.

This webinar is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes in length.

  • 5 minutes of introductions
  • 40-minute presentation
  • 10-minute break
  • up to 30 minutes of Q&A

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About the Presenters

Dr. Marty Ross

Marty Ross MD has treated thousands of patients across the USA and the world with Lyme disease and related illnesses.

He strongly believes that given the right information, people with Lyme and tick-borne illnesses can recover.

He has created some excellent self-help resources so that all who have Lyme disease may recover:

Dr. Ross is a reasoned voice about what works and does not work. As an educator, he tries to make the complex understandable. His recommendations draw from the best of natural and prescription medicines plus lifestyle approaches using the best available science.

Through his support group and self-help resources, Dr. Ross has improved the lives of many with tick-borne infections and mold toxicity. His online publication is read by patients and medical providers alike. His webinars draw patients looking for answers and medical providers learning to treat Lyme disease using integrative medicine.

Dr. Eleanor Stein

Dr. Stein is a physician, psychiatrist, and an expert in helping people with ME, CFS, FM, environmental sensitivities, long COVID, and chronic pain recover their health and joy in life.

Through her own 35-year illness journey, reading thousands of scientific papers and working with thousands of patients, she has developed a unique, science-based approach to healing from chronic pain called Healing Through Neuroplasticity. This course teaches core strategies to rewire the brain for more comfort and better function.