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Who is this RECORDED webinar for and how will this information benefit you?

This RECORDING is for anyone who

  • Feels unwell when upright;
  • Who gets dizzy, weak, nauseous, tired;
  • Who has heart palpitations;
  • Who has the strong desire to lie down to avoid passing out.

Dr. Peter Rowe is the person who first published the strong connection between orthostatic intolerance (OI) and ME, CFS. Despite being a professor of pediatrics his work influences the management of OI in all ages worldwide. His ground breaking research continues to uncover new understandings about what causes OI and how to manage it. He has recently published that many people have OI even if their heart rate and blood pressure are normal. You don't want to miss this expert webinar!

In this session you will learn:

  • The common types of orthostatic intolerance, including postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS), syncope (fainting);
  • The problems with getting blood flow to the brain even if heart rate and blood pressure are normal;
  • The main clinical features of orthostatic intolerance;
  • Practical ways to reduce the likelihood of provoking orthostatic symptoms in day-to-day life;
  • Ways to manage symptoms without medications;
  • Prescription medications that can help.

This recording is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes in length:

  • 0:00 - 6:29 - Introductions of Speakers
  • 6:29 -¬† 19:31¬†- Introduction to Orthostatic Intolerance, POTS, symptoms, and testing
  • 19:31¬†- Changes in cerebral blood flow to the brain and relations to OI - research, testing, and patient experiences
  • 27:05 - 50:38 - Management and Treatments(Non-pharmacological¬†and¬†Pharmacological)
  • 50:00 - 1:30 Q&A


This presentation is part of Dr. Stein's new Expert Speakers Series. These will be held approximately monthly and each session will feature a different guest expert on topics of interest to people with chronic, complex disease, chronic disease in general and people interested in living healthier longer.


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4.7/5 Star Rating

Here's what people said: 

  • "Dr. Rowe‚Äôs description of various symptoms was very validating. He¬†shared many valuable remedies that are non-invasive and nonmedicinal. And now I monitor myself for ‚Äúfat ankles‚ÄĚ. I shared this info with my hematologist and GP who found it very interesting. Thank you Dr. Rowe."¬†
  • "Wow that was a 10+ session already!"
  • "Was a great start to the series."
  • "You both presented superbly! Thank You So MUCH"
  • "Could have been longer - it went very fast!"
  • "This was so good I honestly have no idea how you could make it better"
  • "It was excellent, clear. great slides. questions well answered."
  • "The Live series and Expert Series are top notch ! Thank you so much for all your hard work on this."
  • "Just have more of them !!!! Today was fantastic !!!"

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About the Presenters

Dr. Peter Rowe, MD, Professor of Pediatrics

His clinical and research interests for the last 30 years have focused on medical conditions characterized by chronic fatigue. His work has emphasized the importance of a variety of physiologic risk factors for ME, CFS, including orthostatic intolerance, joint hypermobility, allergic inflammation, and adverse bio-mechanical strain. He has directed the Chronic Fatigue Clinic at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center since 1996, where he is the inaugural recipient of the Sunshine Natural Well-being Foundation Chair in Chronic Fatigue and Related Disorders. He was a member of the Institute of Medicine (now NAM) Committee on the Diagnostic Criteria for myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic fatigue syndrome.

Dr. Eleanor Stein

Dr. Stein is a physician and psychiatrist, an expert in helping people with ME, CFS, FM, environmental sensitivities, long COVID, and chronic pain recover their health and joy in life.

Through her own 35-year illness journey, reading thousands of scientific papers and working with thousands of patients, she has developed a unique, science-based approach to healing from chronic pain called Healing Through Neuroplasticity. This course teaches core strategies to rewire the brain for more comfort and better function.