Neuroplasticity - Does it Work? Skeptics are Welcome

Dec 09, 2022

At first I, too, was skeptical about the concept of neuroplasticity being able to help me with my chronic and persistent pain. Now I practice these techniques every day.  All I suggest is that you be open-minded and curious. 

A Testimonial About Neuroplasticity From a Patient

This was my first experience with Neuroplasticity which has become a part of my life now. The course is easy to follow and Eleanor gives easy instructions to help practice. I have great improvement with my MCS symptoms. The course changed my relationship with pain. I don’t get too overwhelmed now as I have tools to handle it and work through it. I feel myself lucky that I found Dr. Stein. I highly recommend it to anyone suffering chronic pain or any chronic illness.
- Deb Banerjee

A Testimonial From a Participant in the Pilot Release of the Online Course

"A thought about the course: WOW! What a big undertaking. I appreciate the amount of thought and detail that has gone into the course. I like the format and pacing, and Dr. Steins's delivery is perfect. I have trouble concentrating but stay focused when she is speaking. As a teacher, I appreciate the organization and clarity of each presentation. The content in the slides is just right. I often stop the video to read the slide first and absorb the information. I like that the  -advantage of a self study course over a live course.

The workbook: Amazing detail and helpful links, easy to follow. I chose not to print the workbook because it is so many pages, but plan to read after watching the course content. I might try firing up 2 laptops so I can have the workbook on one screen and the course on another screen."  - KW

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