ME/CFS Exercise Intolerance

May 04, 2014

Recorded May 4, 2014, as part of the Calgary International Awareness Day Educational Event for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, & Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Does Exercise Make CFS Worse?

The energy production system in most people with ME/CFS is broken. They do not have access to the long term (aerobic system). You need to learn your limits and learn how to stay in the anaerobic energy system. Using a heart rate monitor can really help.

In this presentation, Staci talks about 2-Day CPET test and how to exercise safely if you have post-exertional malaise. She covers four topics:

  1. The biological basis for activity intolerance
  2. Identification of activity coping style
  3. HR monitoring, and
  4. Breathing

Staci Stevens, MA, Exercise Physiologist at the Work Well Foundation and IACFS/ME board member. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine from the University of the Pacific and a master’s degree from Pacific in Exercise Physiology. She has served on the Department of Health and Human Services Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee and developed continuing education curricula for CFS in conjunction with the CDC for physical therapists and other allied healthcare professionals. She has directed several research projects and Exercise Testing & Activity Intolerance in ME/CFS In this presentation she talks about exercise testing and how to exercise safely. Staci spoke at the 2008 Calgary Conference and is back by popular demand. She joined us by web connection from her home in California.

The Workwell Foundation has 3 key areas of focus.

  1. Research on the functional aspects of ME/CFS and other fatigue-related disorders.
  2. Understanding of the biological basis for fatigue.
  3. Educate patients, health, fitness and legal professionals.

The Workwell website is

Note: For this presentation there are three downloadable files. One is a PDF document of Staci's presentation slides so that you can look at them on your computer in full screen mode, a question/answer PDF which covers the questions asked during the live presentation but not addressed at that time due to time restrictions, and an audio-only version of Staci's presentation in MP3 format for anyone wishing to listen to it on a mobile device or car, etc...

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