Do ME/CFS, FM and ES Qualify for Disability? by James Ludwar

Jun 16, 2017

James attended the event at the Cardel Theatre in person.

James Ludwar is a benefits and disability lawyer in Calgary. With a lifelong commitment to representing clients in both personal injury and disability cases, James enjoys working with and helping people of all ages and backgrounds. James founded Ludwar Law in 2012 and has represented many individuals with ME/CFS and FM. He has appeared at provincial courts, Court of Queen's Bench and the appeals courts of both Alberta and Saskatchewan. He has also argued before the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal and various provincial and federal administrative tribunals.

One of his major talents is the ability to make things simple and explain complex issues such as the difference between legal and medical disability to clients, insurance administrators and other legal professionals such as opposing counsel and judges.

Born in Melville, Saskatchewan, he obtained his undergraduate degrees from the University of Regina and his law degree from the University of Saskatchewan. He articled with Duchin, Bayda & Kroczynski in Regina, then became a partner in the litigation firm of Bayda Ludwar in Calgary.   

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Included in This Recording

  1. Always talk to a lawyer to determine whether you have a case.
  2. “Employability” rather than “disability” should be the focus because it is more about whether a person can carry out the duties of their own job or a reasonable job carried out to the level required by a reasonable employer.
  3. Reading the fine print of your contract: Things to consider in deciding whether a case should be pursued include the type of policy, whether benefits were denied or terminated, and the basis for denial or termination.

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