Disability Support - Q & A

Jun 16, 2017

Question & Answer Session
with moderator Dr. Stein and panellists James Ludwar, Hugh Scher and John Wodak

Before the event and during the event, registered attendees submitted many questions to the presenters. Some of these questions were addressed during the presentations and are therefore included in the video recordings, but time did not permit each presenter to answer every question submitted. Therefore, at the conclusion of the presentations, 3 of the presenters stayed afterwards for the Question and Answer period which was intended to address any questions not answered during the actual presentations. The 3 presenters were James Ludwar, Hugh Scher and John Wodak. James and John were on-stage at the Cardel Theater and Hugh joined us from his office in Toronto via the internet. The moderator, Dr. Stein, selected and read out the questions for the panelists to answer.   


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