AISH - Provincial Disability Support by Dale Beesley

Jun 16, 2017

Alberta by Dale Beesley

Dale Beesley Statutory Director of the AISH program spoke to us from Edmonton via the internet.

Dale Beesley started his career in the Government of Alberta (GOA) in 1997 with the Auditor General of Alberta. Dale achieved his Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation in 1998. In 2002, Dale moved into Social Services including the position of AISH Statutory Director. In 2014, Dale assumed the position of Executive Director, Pension Policy within Treasury Board and Finance.



 Most recently in 2017 has taken on the role of Acting Executive Director, Financial Supports within the newly created Ministry of Community and Social Services. In this role, Dale is again the statutory director for the AISH program.
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Included in This Recording

  1. Financial Support: AISH provides financial assistance (living allowance), supplementary assistance (child benefits and personal benefits), and health-related assistance (health benefits – prescription, optical, dental, aids for daily living) for adult Albertans with a permanent disability that severely impairs their ability to earn a livelihood. 
  2. Eligibility: determined by age (18+), residency (in Alberta), financial criteria (income, non-exempt assets), and medical criteria (permanent and severe impairing disability).
  3. The amount of the living allowance depends on the type and amount of income received by the AISH client and their cohabitating partner. 
  4. Individuals moving to Alberta from other provinces are required to apply for AISH and are typically on the Alberta Income Support Works program in the interim.
  5. Allowable assets? AISH clients are allowed to own a principal residence and vehicle and there is some flexibility for situations where the residence or vehicle is sold or inherited.

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