Neuroplastic Pain Assessment

Is your brain generating your chronic pain?
Take this assessment to find out.

Chronic pain is different from acute pain. Chronic pain is an unconscious, learned condition due to neuroplasticity — the brain’s constant ability to change based on daily experiences. The good news is that any pain or symptom learned by the brain can be unlearned if you practice a few simple steps.

I know it can be hard to believe, but it's true. Pain experienced somewhere far from the head can be generated by the brain. You might be thinking, “You don’t understand. My chronic pain is killing me. My doctor told me I have arthritis and inflammation. My pain has a physical cause."

Does this apply to your case? To find out, take the simple 12 question assessment below. It will help you understand if your brain’s normal function is a root cause of your pain.

After you complete the assessment:

  • You'll immediately receive an email with information about your neuroplasticity pain score.
  • In a second email, you will receive a link to a blog post 7 Surprisingly Simple Steps to Live with Less Pain.
  • In a third email, you will find another blog, The Powerful Connection between Our Brain, Danger, and Chronic Pain, which is a deeper dive into the science of chronic pain that is generated by neuroplasticity.

Note: This assessment does not constitute a medical diagnosis. That would require a full assessment by a qualified health-care practitioner. The purpose is to help you understand whether your pain could be reversible using neuroplasticity-based daily practice.

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