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Thank you for your interest in Pathway 3: Sleep of the modules in the Pathways to Improvement online course

...a guided step-by-step program to help people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Environmental Sensitivities, and Long COVID to feel and live better.


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Your guide, Dr. Eleanor Stein, has 30 years of personal and professional experience with these difficult-to-treat biomedical diseases.

After years of illness and failed attempts at improvement, many with ME/CFS, FM, ES, and Long COVID lose hope that improvement is possible. Not so. It is possible to improve your sleep and other symptoms, to be more joyful, and more resilient, and to be able to enjoy more of the things you love.

What is Pathway 3: Sleep?

Pathway 3: Sleep is one of the 8 Pathway modules included in the Pathways to Improvement online education program designed specifically for people with ME/CFS, FM, ES, and Long COVID.

This module is for self-study to do at your own pace. It does not include any live sessions. It focuses exclusively on sleep and provides information, tools, and resources to help people with ME/CFS, FM, ES, and Long COVID to improve sleep. 

This module provides specific, practical, and affordable self-management suggestions that can benefit people who are newly diagnosed to those who have been ill for decades and are very knowledgeable.

Dr. Stein has been facilitating groups for people with ME/CFS, FM, and ES for over 20 years and in the last few years adding those with Long COVID. Improvement is the rule, not the exception. Now she is sharing what she has learned with you. 

What is included in the course?


  • Introducing Dr. Stein
  • How Self-Management Works
  • How to Chart Your Sleep
  • What We Will Cover in this Pathway
  • CBTi Part 1: Reversing Unconscious Conditioning and Sleep Restriction
  • CBTi Part 2: Calming the Body and Mind, and Myth Busting
  • Sleep Medications including Melatonin, Cannabis, and Risks of Sleep Aids
  • Bonus Video: Shifting Your Circadian Rhythm (Body Clock)
  • Bonus Video: Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep

Free downloads of Session 2: Sleep from Dr. Stein's manual Let Your Light Shine Through and Chapter 4: Sleep from Dr. Stein’s eBook, More Light.

Downloadable handouts including sleep charting tools and the SLIDES which accompany the videos. Plus suggestions for additional reading.

(You have permission to download and print any of the resources if reading hard copies is easier for you. Please respect copyright.)

A testimonial and gift from a student in a previous course.

Title: You Can Rest in Me
Artist: Rachael Basch Ignatoff
Artist's Statement: This painting was inspired by my improved sleep during the Pathways to Improvement course. As I slowly integrated the sleep recommendations, I have been able to enjoy better, more consistent rest and deeper sleep. It’s still a work in process, but my sleep has definitely improved. Wishing everyone deep, nourishing sleep.

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The course introduced new skills and knowledge, all of which, gives me more confidence and hope in moving forward.

I have more acceptance of my health. I have found a better balance between not losing hope but not wasting time chasing medical interventions.

The course has given me a new beginning on my journey. I feel confident now to sit down and create a plan and new goals for my life.

I have a new acceptance of self-management program.

I feel less scattered and I am more aware of my limitations.

I appreciated Dr. Stein’s depth of knowledge and scientific references. It was credible and it was re-assuring to know that there is a body of work and evidence out there in the ME/CFS community.

I am so impressed with your breadth of knowledge and how you can present a very complicated topic in such an easy to understand way.

It gave me awareness of the strategies that I should keep, the ones I can implement more consistently and the new things to try like the sauna.

It is not the end of it but a new beginning on my journey. I feel confident now to sit down and create a plan.

This course provided me with so much important information, that will definitely assist me in my journey to better health. The information was shared in a very clear, precise fashion and questions were encouraged, if clarification was needed!