Services for ME/CFS, FM and ES

Find the treatment and educational help best suited for you. 

Online Education

Pathways to Improvement is a ten-session online education program designed exclusively for people with ME/CFS, FM and ES. Improve your health and enjoy more of life. Patients, caregivers and health care workers are all welcome.

in-person group psychotherpay with Dr Eleanor Stein

In-Person Group Psychotherapy

For over 20 years I have been leading groups specific to people with ME/CFS, FM and ES. Join the Self-Management, Sleeping Soundly, Transforming Pain, Coping, Neuroplasticity in Action or Lifestyle Goals groups


ETeam Assessments

The ETeam is a unique service in Canada offering specialized multidisciplinary assessment for clients with ME/CFS, FM and ES. Objective tests include cognitive assessment, two-day  CPET and QEEG.