Services for ME/CFS, FM, ES, Long COVID and Chronic Pain

Find the treatment and educational help best suited for you. 

Pathways to Improvement Online Course

Pathways to Improvement Self-Study is a nine-session online education program designed exclusively for people with ME/CFS, FM, ES and Long COVID. Improve your health and enjoy more of life. Patients, caregivers and health care workers are all welcome.


Healing Through Neuroplasticity
Pathways to Pain-Free Living
Online Course

Healing Through Neuroplasticity  is 9 self-guided sessions designed to teach you tools to decrease chronic pain by rewiring your brain's perception of pain.The course is comprised of instructional videos, online resources and downloadable documents to read offline that you can do from the comfort of your home at your own pace.  All content is based on the material that Dr. Stein has been using in her neuroplasticity-based groups in her medical practice for over 8 years.   


Recommended Practitioners

The ETeam is a unique service in Canada offering specialized multidisciplinary assessment for clients with ME/CFS, FM, ES and Long COVID. Objective tests include cognitive assessment, two-day  CPET and QEEG. Also on this page are therapists recommended by Dr. Stein.