More Light Contributors

Dr. Eleanor Stein

Dr. Eleanor Stein (Ellie) has dedicated her medical practice to ME/CFS, FM and ES for the past 20 years. She got interested in this field after developing ME/CFS, FM and ES in 1989. Her webpage ( mentions many of her contributions to the field of ME/CFS, FM and ES including clinical practice guidelines, publications, presentations and research.

Over the past six years she has been intensively studying and practicing new strategies for change based on neuroplasticity, epigenetics and the microbiome. She finds these new strategies to be like a battery boost. Many people who stabilized their health with self-management are reporting improvements with these new strategies. Our brains and bodies are much more plastic (open to change) than we have realized.

Maureen MacQuarrie

Maureen MacQuarrie is delighted to collaborate with Dr. Ellie Stein on another important ME/CFS, FM and ES project. Maureen has been an advocate for those with ME and other related health conditions for over 15 years and knows first-hand the devastation they can bring. Before getting sick, Maureen worked for many years as a policy adviser and lawyer with the Ontario provincial government. More Light lives up to its name, it offers background research and practical suggestions that expand upon and update Dr. Stein’s earlier work, Let Your Light Shine Through, but most importantly it offers hope that improvements are possible and provides the keys to getting there. 

Maureen MacQuarrie

Michele Brown is an educator and coach who is recovering from ME and illness trauma. She has experienced meaningful improvements in her health with dedicated practice of neuroplasticity strategies.  She provided input to More Light and to the online course Pathways to Improvement. Michele was instrumental in the development of the concept for the “Diamond of Awareness” exercise in Chapter 1 of More Light. She has taken a leadership role in the Patients Helping Patients in-person and online ME education course.

Karen Sherlock has worked in newspapers and magazines for more than 30 years as a reporter, editor and proofreader. She has proof read many parts of this website, my online course and More Light.

Shawn Green is a retired park ranger currently living in southern Utah. He and his wife enjoy hiking and biking in the red rock country near Zion National Park. As an amateur photographer, Shawn enjoys exploring the natural world through his lens. Shawn likes photographing light and has generously offered many photos to brighten this book.