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The vagus nerve is a key contributor to good health that is often overlooked. It controls the rest-digest system, breathing, anti-inflammation, the gut-brain axis and much more. This presentation will help you understand what causes vagus nerve function to break down and introduce you to simple exercises you can incorporate into your daily life to activate the vagus nerve and improve your health.

Who is this recording for?

This presentation is for anyone suffering from a chronic health condition that affects breathing, heart, gut, inflammation, pain and overall ability to function. Pretty much everyone with a chronic health condition can benefit from implementing vagus nerve exercises.

This recording from the live event is approximately 1 hour 50 minutes in length:

  • 5 minutes of introductions
  • 45 minute presentation
  • 10 minute break
  • 50 minutes of Q&A

Also included:
- a downloadable copy of Dr. Habib's presentation slides in pdf format
- a video recording available indefinitely on Dr. Steinā€™s website
- a downloadable audio-only version of the video recording

- a downloadable eBook by Dr. Habib titledĀ 10 Ways to Activate Your Vagus Nerve GuideĀ 

After you purchase the recording, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to access the video, the audio, and the downloadable documents. Please keep both these emails handy so you can access the material whenever you wish. The recording page will not expire or be removed.

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About the  guest presenter:

Dr. Navaz Habib

Dr. Navaz Habib, is the founder of “Health Upgraded” an online functional health optimization clinic and the host of The Health Upgrade Podcast. He works with high performing professionals, athletes and entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their health so they can have a greater impact and serve more people. 

Having experienced their own health challenges, Dr. Habib and his team are well equipped to implement personalized recommendations for each of his clients. In identifying the root causes of health imbalances, and addressing them naturally, his patients experience how their bodies were meant to feel.

Dr. Habib’s book Activate Your Vagus Nerve is a simple to follow guide to help you identify and address a major missing piece in the puzzle of  chronic physical and mental health concerns. By activating the vagus nerve, he teaches how we can optimize our productivity, focus and energy levels, allowing us to experience the effects of upgraded health.

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About Eleanor Stein MD, FRCP(C)

As a medical specialist in psychiatry, Dr. Stein has dedicated her practice to ME/CFS, FM and ES since 2000 (and more recently Long COVID). She got into this field after she herself developed ME/CFS, FM and MCS in 1989. Her health symptoms limited her ability to work and function every day for over 28 years.

After decades of trying everything imaginable, in 2017, many of the symptoms, including disabling fatigue, lifted. She says "I think I finally 'got it right' for my body. My life now is very full with work, connection and travel. It bears little resemblance to the careful, limited life I led for decades."

Dr Stein is now dedicated to sharing what she has learned via live webinars and online courses. Many of her patients and students of her courses are seeing significant improvements and are living better lives. So it's not just her - the tools work. And they may help you. By teaching you what she has learned, she hopes your pathways to pain-free living will be faster than hers.