Recording of Live Webinar

ME, CFS, FM and ES:
Causes and Treatments

Hosted by Dr. Eleanor Stein

Guest presenter Dr. Neil Nathan

Renowned integrative physician Dr. Neil Nathan explains how ME, CFS, FM and ES are due to underlying causes such as exposures to toxic mold and Lyme disease. Toxins activate the autonomic nervous system, the limbic system and mast cells making people "sensitive and reactive" to everything and much harder to treat.

Dr. Nathan's webinar offers hope. He explains how to treat patients who have become sensitive to everything
- by addressing the underlying causes.ย 

The live webinar was held on February 12, 2022.

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In this presentation, esteemed integrative physician, Dr. Nathan, discusses mold toxicity, an often hidden and treatable factor in chronic illnesses including ME, CFS, FM and ES. He discusses symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Mold toxicity can trigger limbic and vagal nerve dysfunction as well as mast cell activation syndrome, all of which contribute to making patients sicker, more sensitive and harder to treat.

Who is this webinar recording for?

  • Anyone with ME, CFS, FM, Environmental Sensitivities, mold sensitivity, limbic and vagal nerve dysfunction or MCAS;
  • Health care professionals who want to learn more are welcome. Dr. Nathan is now devoting his time to mentoring professionals to treat these conditions.

This recording includes:

  • 55 minutes of presentation
  • 35 minutes of Q&A

ย Also included:
- an audio-only version of the presentation that can be downloaded and listened to offline

- a downloadable copy of Dr. Nathan's presentation slides in pdf format which you can print out to take your own notes

The video recording will be available indefinitely through Dr. Steinโ€™s website.ย 

After your purchase, you will be sent an email with a link to the recording page with the video and downloadable audio file and the downloadable copy of Dr. Nathan's slides.

Purchase the Recording Now - $21 (includes GST)

Some comments from the attendees of the live event:

"Dr. Nathan's presentation really helped to summarize clearly in "one place" a lot of the readings I had been doing on addressing Inflammation, Mold, Histamine, Limbic System, Metals etc. issues. Gave me a much more global view of it all. And - gave me Hope for us here in Canada!"

"Very much appreciated the pre-Webinar "Slides Download"- having my pre-printed copy made it far easier to keep up & limited how many notes I thought I needed to take. I found I was able to use my energy instead just to pay attention to Dr. Nathan's "connecting flow", and to sort out where to go from here. This was super helpful."

"It was very informative….and very well organized ๐Ÿ˜Š"

"Thank you so much for hosting Dr Nathan for this webinar today. I found it to be very engaging and informative. It was wonderful to have those notes provided as well."

"Thank you Dr. Stein and DR. Nathan for caring and sharing your extensive knowledge with us.  Doctors Do NOT understand so cannot help us get to the bottom of this dreadful illness.  Thanks for letting us know we are not alone and understood.  I could not stay awake and focused on webinar so glad I can get copy in print also.  Great idea.
Much appreciation,  Jane"

About the presenter:

Dr. Neil Nathan

Dr. Nathan has been treating chronic complex medical illnesses for 25 years now, and Lyme disease for the past 15 years. As his practice has evolved, he finds himself increasingly treating the patients who have become so sensitive and toxic that they can no longer tolerate their usual treatments, and his major current interest is in finding unique ways of helping them to recover. Dr. Nathan’s passion is to pass his extensive knowledge from over 50 years in medical practice to the next generation. He is currently providing mentorship in the treatment of chronic inflammatory illness to approximately 150 physicians, with Jill Crista, ND. He can be contacted most easily through his website

Dr Neil Nathan