Assessment for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Environmental Sensitivity and Long COVID

ETeam Professionals and Services

What is the ETeam Assessment?

The ETeam is a unique service in Canada offering specialized multidisciplinary assessment for clients with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Fibromyalgia (FM) and Environmental Sensitivity (ES). We have just added Long COVID to our menu - it is so similar to ME/CFS we believe we may be able to help. The “E” in ETeam stands for the environment as many believe that our modern toxic environment is a factor in the development of these disorders.

The ETeam mission is to objectively measure function and dysfunction in clients with these difficult to diagnose conditions. The ETeam assessment determines a profile of strengths and weaknesses and provides therapeutic suggestions to assist clients to achieve better health.

Meet the ETeam Professionals

Dr. Ellie Stein, MD, FRCP(C) is a psychiatrist with experience and interest in ME/CFS, FM, ES, Long COVID and related disorders. With the assistance of the intake staff, she will undertake a detailed history of the areas that are affected by these disorders and a global review of symptoms to rule out other causes of the problems. The objective of her assessment is to confirm diagnosis, identify additional medical or psychiatric disorders, assess medication and supplement use, and provide information regarding lifestyle and management to optimize functioning and quality of life.

Diana Monea

Dr. Allan Mandel, R. Psych. is a registered psychologist and Adjunct Associate Professor in the Clinical Psychology Department at the University of Calgary.  He is President of Mandel & Associates, a firm which specializes in disability-related psychological assessments, and he has decades of clinical experience assessing people with various kinds of disabilities.  He is well-versed in the cognitive issues that may accompany ME/CFS, FM, and ES and has developed a specific battery of psychometric tests designed to detect and describe illness-related cognitive deficits.  The focus of his assessment will be on cognitive functions such as attention and concentration, word finding ability, mental processing speed, learning and remembering, and executive functioning skills.

Allan Mandel

Cory Fagan, MSc is a kinesiologist and owner of TCR Sport Laboratory in Calgary. Although Cory’s primary clientele are athletes he has a background and interest in chronic illness including cancer survivors and patients with ME/CFS and FM. Incremental Blood Lactate testing assists patients in determining their anaerobic threshold and exercise capacity. Cory provides recommendations for incremental training based on individual capacity. Cardiopulmonary Exercise testing is the gold standard to determine exercise capacity. It is possible to objectively measure whether someone has given a maximal effort. These results cannot be faked. Clients can attend for a traditional one day test or the specialized two day exercise test protocol. The two day protocol, if positive offers confirmation of post exertional malaise the core symptom of ME/CFS. 

Cory Fagan

Dr. Anne Woolliams, Au.D. is an audiologist experienced in evaluating the function of the auditory-vestibular system which is one of the systems within the body most sensitive to toxins. These organs may show signs of significant destruction before any other signs of toxicity may be seen. She measures hearing thresholds—the softest sounds which can be heard, determines the functioning of the cells within the inner ear and how effectively sound is transmitted from the inner ear to the level of the brainstem. Dr. Wooliams has recently added treatment for tinnitus to her list of services. She is the only provider of this service in Western Canada. 

Anne Woolliams

Chris Rozell, MC RPsych and Sohel Shivji BSc, MPsy RPsych are registered Psychologists trained by Dr. Stuart Donaldson with a keen interest in interpretation of QEEGs and helping people function better. Dr. Donaldson was a recognized expert in QEEG and Brain Biofeedback. He published research on Electromyography (EMG) in Fibromyalgia and chronic pain. 

Myosymmetries offers:

Quantitative EEG (QEEG) Brain Map: QEEG is a form of assessment which measures the electrical activity of the brain in specific locations. The goal is to determine the type and level of activity at each location, and measure the degree of connectivity between locations. With this objective information, one can gain improved understanding of a person’s functioning, and can potentially explain symptoms that an individual experiences.

Psychophysiology Stress Testing: Using the Thought Technology system, we monitor an individual’s heart rate, breathing rate, sweat response, muscle responses, and temperature while they complete a number of exercises that are designed to be challenging. The level of each physiological response provides us with objective evidence that may relate to symptoms and can provide clear goals to make treatment more efficient/effective.

Cory Fagan

Dr. Diana Monea, O.D. FAAO, is an optometrist with a special interest in assessing the effects of toxic exposure, ME/CFS and FM on vision. A complete eye-health assessment is followed by a visual consultation with digital documentation of the corneal map for dryness, retinal photos for signs of eye disease, refractive testing, visual field measurement to determine any visual loss, and a test for color vision changes.

Diana Monea

Mr. Robb Hadden, M.Ed., M.Sc. R.Psych. is a registered psychologist with extensive experience in psychometrics and other aspects of psychological evaluation. He uses well-established, standardized tests and procedures to provide a comprehensive cognitive assessment including working memory, attention and concentration, speed of mental processing, word finding, and other aspects of cognitive functions commonly affected in persons with ME/CFS, FM and ES.

Robb Hadden

ETeam Support Staff

Tatiana Kuzmyn BScN, PaCER

Tatiana practiced nursing until 2004. In 2016 she joined a Neuroplasticity research team and in 2020 she certified as a Patient and Community Engagement Researcher (PaCER). Then in 2021 she was 1 of 4 mentors within the University of Calgary, PaCER program.

Dr. Lina Kung

Dr. Kung graduated from U of Calgary medical school in 2004. She completed a rural family medicine residency in Red Deer in 2006 and practiced family medicine until taking a leave of absence in 2015.

Kaza Smith

Kaza is your point person for all administrative tasks including scheduling. If you have questions Kaza can’t answer, she will contact the appropriate ETeam professional to obtain the information you need.

ETeam Process

Who is the ETeam for?

The objective of the ETeam protocol is to measure the medical, psychiatric, cognitive, sensory and exercise function in people with ME/CFS, FM, ES and Long COVID. Our protocols and test selections are designed specifically for this purpose. We do not accept referrals for unrelated disorders affecting cognition such as head injuries or neurological disorders.


You can contact the ETeam yourself, but you will need a  referral from a physician or nurse practitioner before proceeding with the assessment. For medico-legal assessments, the referral must come from your legal representative. In most cases we will be able to confirm whether you have clinical and objective findings consistent with ME/CFS, FM, ES and Long COVID. However, testing cannot prove the cause of your condition nor can it predict whether your symptoms will improve with time. We don’t find objective evidence of dysfunction in everyone.

The Procedure

For most clients, the first step is a phone call to our ETeam admin, Kaza Smith  at (587) 392-5066. You will be sent information about the team and a client registration package. If, after reading the information and costs, you want to go ahead, you and/or your physician will talk to one of our intake staff by phone or video to determine if you have one of the diseases that is the focus of our expertise and if there is a reasonable chance we can answer your questions. They will help you select the tests which may be most helpful to answer the clinical questions you have. If you decide to go ahead with the ETeam process, we request some information about your, your referring doctor's names and will send you some consent forms.

After we receive your information, medical referral and consent forms you will be put on the wait list and given an approximate assessment date. You will be sent questionnaires and instructions regarding how to gather the information we need to answer your questions. Your assessment will be booked once we have received all your information. You will meet in person with one of our intake workers to go over your medical history and symptoms in detail. They will prepare your information for your meeting with Dr. Stein.

If you live in the Calgary area, your assessments will be scheduled over 2 - 3 weeks before meeting with Dr. Stein. Kaza will book your assessment appointments according to your schedule and energy. In most cases Dr. Stein will be the last team member you will meet - so that she has as much information about you as possible when meeting you. All of your assessments occur in-person at the various ETeam offices in Calgary.

For those from out of town, you will need to be in Calgary for 4 - 5 full days depending on the number of assessments you are undertaking and your energy levels. After you have completed the entire assessment, the team members will exchange information and discuss their findings with each other. Please allow 4 weeks for this process.


You and your referring practitioner will receive an ETeam package. This consists of reports from each of the ETeam professionals you meet with. Dr. Stein's report will refer to and integrate all of the information we have from and about you. Your ETeam package will include diagnoses, test findings and management recommendations. The information you receive may validate what you already know about yourself but have been unable to quantify or describe in objective terms. You may contact any team member (except Dr. Stein) for clinical follow up if you wish. Dr. Stein does not provide any individual ongoing care but is available to your referring physician for follow up.


You will receive an itemized cost sheet when you finalize your assessment plans and before you provide the final consent to go ahead. The cost varies depending on the tests you decide upon. The medical and psychiatric assessment (Dr. Stein) is covered by Canadian provincial health care plans. The other assessments are not covered. Most private insurance plans will pay a portion of these costs. We can provide you with a list of the test procedures and time involved to submit to your insurer ahead of the assessment so you know what will be covered. In most cases there will be a substantial outstanding fee that will be billed directly to you, the client.

The cost sheet explains who to pay and when. In brief you pay most of the ETeam professionals at the time you meet with them. The ETeam administrative fee is due when your ETeam package is mailed to you.


The ETeam professionals are all located in central Calgary, Alberta. Two of our members have offices in other cities as well (Anne Woolliams in Edmonton and Diana Monea in Regina).

After you decide to go ahead, we will book your assessment far enough in advance to allow you time to answer the questionnaires, complete 2 weeks of symptom charting and write a medical history. We request receiving your information about 4 weeks ahead of your meeting with Dr. Stein. This is most important if you are traveling from out of town. We read the information in advance and may suggest changes to the assessment plan if needed. We are  in contact with you by phone and email during this time to answer your questions.

We are very excited to be offering this much-needed service and look forward to hearing from you. Dr. Ellie Stein on behalf of the ETeam

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ETeam Fee Schedule

The ETeam has one fee schedule for Canadian residents with a valid provincial health care card, and one for medico-legal assessment.

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For more information contact the ETeam office:

Phone: (587) 392-5066, Fax: (403) 234-7980, or Email: [email protected]



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