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When Dr. Stein, or Ellie to so many of us, asked me whether I might be interested in moderating her Pathways to Improvement (PTI) course, I both wanted to jump at the opportunity and take some time to really consider first. I knew I would be witness to so many people’s exciting journeys, but I also knew I would observe frustration and pain. 

You see, I have known Ellie in several different roles for well over ten years now – to be honest, I’m unsure exactly how long as it has just seemed like I’ve known her forever. Ellie has a way – a down-to-earth way – an authenticity that she shares with all who know her, which makes you feel as though you’ve known her always. It’s this way of being that makes her so good at what she does. She’s truthful. And she’s lived it – the illnesses. She gets it in a way so many other physicians simply don’t or can’t. 

I’ve never been a patient of Dr. Stein’s, but I’ve met a lot of them, and I’ve heard from a lot of them in all kinds of different forums. They speak so highly of the experience. That so many of her patients and participants call her Ellie was a sign to me that she was a different kind of doctor.  And yet, somehow, she still manages to keep it very professional. She knows how to balance that tightrope with seeming ease. 

I was uncertain what kind of person would take the PTI course. I wasn’t sure what would be required of me and whether I could offer what was needed. I can tell you, ALL kinds of folks from all over the world take the PTI course. And every single person has brought value and perspective. I have met the most incredible folks who bring not only questions to each session, but also hope, perseverance, and resilience – and ideas! So many keen insights of their own. It almost feels like a gathering place, not just an online learning space…but then again, isn’t that where the best learning happens – at a place where everyone feels safe enough to share? 

There’s a new course opening on October 26th, 2021. If you’ve been on the fence – or even have just heard of this course for the first time – I suggest going to the Pathways page and investigating. There you will find the schedule, some testimonials, and a breakdown of what the PTI course offers. You’ll also find a bio for Dr. Stein. I can tell you it’s worth it, but then – I work for Ellie. So don’t take my word for it, listen to all the other folks who think her course is worth the time and effort. (It does take some effort.) There are loads of testimonials on her pages and out in the social sphere. And frankly, give it a shot…she’s even got a money-back guarantee if you find it’s not for you.  I’m really glad I took the gig. It has definitely been worth it. 

By: Michelle Pearson - Michelle has worked with me in different capacities for more than ten years. She is currently moderating the PTI groups and is Girl Friday to many other PTI needs. She owns an interpersonal skills company called Wunjo IS ( wherein one of her offerings is supporting professionals who are improving their skills working with customers, clients, and patients.


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